Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dear friend,
How are you today? Here I am again this morning. It is zippy time at the moment so up early.
When I got the digital camera I was in quiet mode so couldn't see why i got one and didn't know how to use it and felt despondent. Now I am in zippy mode my mind is flooded with ideas of what to take. Yesterday i did photos of the inside of my friends house. I spend so much time at the houses of my friends I thought i would celebrate by taking photos. Today i am headed for the local cemetery. I am going by train to practise my phobia of using public transport and traveling from home.
Another big achievement was going to Richmond ( a suburb about 40 minutes away) with my friend and going to a shop for us big women. I had to come home and rest for 2 hours after I did it but I did it and was so thrilled. I still find going out of my comfort zone very challenging. I am trying to do them as Artists dates which is part of Julia Cameron's books...example The artist's way.
That's it for this morning.
I was telling my friend all about my blog and she didn't know what a blog was!!
See you tomorrow.
Lots of love from susan in australia
PS Sometimes i wish you weren't a lurker and so quiet but I understand your shyness more than you know
PPS my novel with Sara Jane is going to be a book of letters

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Susan Hosken said...

Not doing much of my novel. It was great while I did.

lots of love from susan in Australia
PS I don't see Paula anymore nor Margaret. People come and go. It is OK