Sunday, October 19, 2008

Music in your life

For homework for my writers group we had to write about music in our life. I don't play music very often. I love the peace and quiet. Thinking about music in my life makes me sad. i miss it. I need to do some more writing as to why i don't play it very often. I think it has something to do with the fact that I often played music when i was manic and got myself into all sorts of trouble. I need to detach music from these memories and build some new ones and get music back into my life.
Do you play music often? What sorts?
lots of love from susan in australia

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Anonymous said...

Listening to music is a very intense experience for me. I listen carefully and try to understand how the music is working. This type of listening requires effort and concentration but in the end I find it much more rewarding that the sort of listening that people do when they use the music for background or accompaniment to casual dancing.

Music is often overwhelming for me because I get so intellectually and emotionally involved in it. As well as that, I often find that the sound itself is overstimulating for me and I can feel overloaded. This is mainly related to my health.

I know a few musicians who admit to me that they don't listen to music as it feels to them like too much hard work and they don't find it to be an enjoyable pastime. I'm not quite there myself, I can see where they're coming from but I also think that it limits them as musicians.

If music is hard work for you, then write about it as such. If there are confronting or painful memories about music you have the choice of whether or not to write about it as such. There's always the other choice of writing too, fiction.