Sunday, July 31, 2011

Next zippy

Dear friends,
My latest news is I took my first intuitive (dream / vision board) collage workshop and it went really, really well. I forgot how witty I can be without even trying to be. it was fantastic. I am doing a course at the moment with Goddess Leonie to see if I can do more intuitive collage work and play. I will be interested to see where this journey will take me.
Catching up on last entry. i am not getting a stained glass window in the kitchen. Not for now. I like seeing the garden. I will get one in the ensuite if it is legal to do.
Zippy is quieter and slower paced than usual which is nice. I think this is an effect of my yoga with my Louise. I am so thrilled to be doing it.
My new pension is going well with the added benefits. I wasn't ready until now.
I am feeling better about my lounge suite now and pleased with the lovely velvet.
looking into getting new light for the lounge.
I could chat on for ages but will leave now and get another cup of coffee
lots of love from susan