Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Went to see Sheila yesterday for our usual catch up. Earl my handyman turned up at Sheilas as she needed work done and I recommended him. Sheila was really pleased and we talked about the good tradesmen we have. We have the same plumber.Went for a walk around the streets and sun still out for part of it. Had salmon and vegies for dinner. In the evening went to Jill’s and the kids were at their dad’s so we had time to talk as her fiance was also out. We talked a lot about the wedding coming up and a few things that still need to be sorted. Came home and watched end of Home and away and X factor.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Up early but had a mid morning snooze until I had to get ready for yoga. My knee is still a problem so asked Louise to do a session not using my knee much which we did with a long meditation on the chakras. She wanted to know if I wanted to join the meditation class but I said I prefer just to work with her. Went grocery shopping after yoga and then on to the podiatrist after dropping groceries off. Home for a few phone calls to friends and then went to mums but only stayed until 9pm. We had takeaway chinese which is always nice. There is usually some leftover for mums tea the next day which she likes. Came home and watched DVD recording of X factor. I love seeing all the great singers and trying to figure out who will win.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bumping into friends

Thought I’d moved into quiet mode but up at 9 am and feeling like art and gardening so another zippy day which was nice as I got all my gardening done in amidst washing and other housekeeping. Went to local shops to have lunch and bumped into Roxy and Aleesha and we ate together. Roxy wants to do another collage session with us all and I suggested she mention it to Florence as she has the space to do it. I hope we do it again. Went to the library and borrowed a book on simple living which is most interesting for where the future of mankind will need to go to save the planet from overpopulation, over consumption and destruction.I read in the library on my new chairs. So much fun having my new set up in there. I am so blessed. Went to mums and had a pleasant evening chatting and I did my memoirs of my teenage years.
lots of love from susan in australia

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good friend

June came to visit me and we looked at all her wedding photos for her son who married in LA. June also went to New York. It was great to see all the photos in hard copy and on the computer. June and I went for a walk to the beach. It was great to see her as she is a busy person and I don’t see a lot of her. I email once a month and we talk on the phone. Had pie from mentone cake shop and it is much better than packed frozen ones. I had heaps of vegies as well. Watched some episodes of Little house which I am still enjoying. Read SARK on healing before sleep time
lots of love from susan in Australia

Friday, September 16, 2011


Up early yesterday so after emailing and doing some art I went to garden place and bought a purple daisy for the garden table. I had some tulips on the table and it was nice to look at so have replaced them with daisies. I tried buying some takeaway lunch but it was super expensive so I came home and had creamed corn. My new chairs have arrived and are in lovely soft mauve velvety material and a squared off design. They are perfect and I am so pleased. The guys didn’t unpack them but I was OK to do it but didn’t put the packing material in the bin in case it gets stuck so will put out with hard rubbish later in year. Went and saw baby Ethan who gave me lots of cuddles and we played together. I am not a child person but I love Ethan so much he is wonderful. Jill and I chatted as well. Skipped doing a walk as feeling rather tired so rested in front of TV. Went to mums and had pork chops in orange juice and vegies. Very nice. Only stayed until 9 pm as tired so came home and went straight to bed.
lots of love from susan in Australia

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Knitting squares

Went for walk yesterday and went for about 40 minutes which is really great for me. Had nutella on a slice of toast. I went to see anna and it was still cool enough to need the heater. I knitted some more squares for a rug for the fistula hospital. I am coming down the home stretch and only need to do about 10 more squares and then sew it up. I am doing another rug which needs a few more squares added to it. I have done the squares but need to sew them on to the rug. I use the rug when I am watching TV. After dinner of meatballs and loads of different vegies including turnip, mushroom, pepper, asparagus, beetroot. beetroot was really successful. Had pine nuts and almonds and a bit of yoghurt. went to a healing which went really well. I had a new lady Jane and we get on great and made huge progress. Came home and watched Home and away and X factor, two favourite shows. Read a book from the library before sleep. Needing to be regimented about my food as have put on a little weight. Treats once a week now and one candy at CAre group and 30-40 minute walk and 4 minutes biking with teeth brushing
lots of love from susan in australia

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

new friends

Managed a nice half hour walk before I Saw mum for lunch at Mexican restaurant locally. I had a lovely lot of nachos and sour cream and mexican date cake with icecream. Went to Liz’s for first time for our getting together and had a great time. We talked a lot about God and she is wanting to do collage next time we meet at my place. I am thrilled. Rang up about blinds for my bathroom and ensuite and found a place to go to to look at them for ideas. Went to Care group and had a great discussion about God’s leadership. Watched X factor which I enjoy.
lots of love from susan in Australia

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Up really early and did emailing and online courses and art. Had another morning snooze after phoning Thalia to see what we will do this afternoon. After waking rang mum to check on her day so far and then headed to shops for a salad roll for lunch. Went to cake shop near Thalias for a lemon swiss roll and some neenish tarts for mum. Had a nice visit with Thalia on her deck in the sun and we discussed two retarded pigeons who kept dumping sticks on Thalias deck and not making a nest with them but trying to unsuccessfully. Had my roll and two cups of drip coffee and discussed how far we have both come with our life journeys and recovery from illness. Came home and sorted out mastercard and now getting an american express card that earns triple points. all supposedly free. A bit of fun. getting $150 David Jones card and will get some sheets for that. Went for walk and found some white orchids in garden and a protea that has beautiful patterns. brought it home to continue to appreciate. Went to bible studies and studied proverbs and home for more TV. Jenny and Grant are away in France.
lots of love from susan in Australia

Monday, September 12, 2011

day off

12th september 2011.. Was up early which I really enjoy and see the dawn arriving. Had egg and bacon on toast. I've been freezing the bacon and it defrosts fast like the cheese does. Yoga was cancelled as louise has the flu. I shopped on Sunday so I had the day free which was a nice change. After emailing watched DVD recordings. Had to have a little snooze as up so early. Had cheese on toast and biscuits. I went to collect Sunday paper and then walked into Mentone, a nearby town to drop off a memory card to get some photos done. I still can’t walk far and my hips were a problem as well as my knees and shoulders. Can’t believe I am only 55 and such troubles. Things could be way worse though so I am grateful. Sorted out a huge pile of papers and made some phone calls. Went to mums for dinner and the evening and came home to watched Australia story at my place as mum wanted to watch Q & A I wasn’t interested in. Watched X factor and really enjoying. Too tired to read
lots of love from susan in australia

Sunday, September 11, 2011

garage view

Got up at 9 am today as I was tired from my 3 am start the day before. Spent a few hours on the computer doing emailing and my courses. Cleared my library all ready for my new chairs on Friday. Put the deck chair in the garage facing outwards so when the door is open I can sit looking out over the garden. It is a treat. Had mum's tuna casserole for lunch. went to a market but it wasn't on so I went grocery shopping today and got triple points on my rewards card which earns me money. Couldn't walk far because my knees aren't good. always something wrong body wise it seems. went to the library and came home and read in the sun. Did my finances and found out my pension has been reduced so will need to inquire as to why as I had no letter advising me and they always do when it increases which it has for 14 years. all quite strange. went to mums and we had baked beans and toast and i had kiwi fruit. came home at 9 pm as I wanted to read which is hard at mums as she loves talking. The water feature is lovely at night. it has a light that shines on the ceiling and it is beautiful and moving.
lots of love from susan in australia

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Red jumper

10th September 2011... Woke at 3am to begin my day. Did my usual 100 or more emails which I enjoy each day. I love spending an hour or so on the computer before beginning my day away from the computer. Yesterday I had the computer on for 11 hours and did art and got dressed, etc in between but mostly played on the computer. Made a messy cheese omelet. I am not good at doing neat omelets. Mum does great ones. Mum and I went to Anna’s for a couple of hours and I knitted my red jumper and got the odd word in edge ways with mum doing most of the chat. Mum came back to my place for another hour and then I had a rest on the bed. Had meatballs and loads of vegies for dinner and yoghurt and kiwi fruit. Watched two episodes of Little house. Too tired to read.

lots of love from susan in Australia

Friday, September 9, 2011

new water feature

9th september 2011... We had a massive hail storm yesterday. I love them as long as hail not too big. Did some art on index cards which is a new form of art for me I haven’t done before. Did some feng shui in the library and getting it ready for my new chairs there. I gave most of my doll magazines to the op shop as not so interested in dolls anymore. Went to shopping mall for nice boccocini and spinach and tomato pizza. I bought a water feature of a buddha meditating and it has a lovely sound like a brook. Got a new Sark book on healing and started reading it listening to the sound of water. Very nice. Went to mums for tea and watched the Collectors show and a new talk back program. Forgotten the name of. Caught up on letter writing including a letter to John who is out of phone contact at the moment. Did some cross stitch which I haven’t done in ages as I have been working on my memoirs at mums lately.
lots of love from susan in Australia

Thursday, September 8, 2011

National Gallery and more

The chauffeur Morat came and drove me to the National gallery of Victoria. We had a great time chatting all the way. The last time I went with him I sat in the back as I thought I would get over tired talking but I don’t usually now as I am getting used to it. Went to a Viennese cafĂ© set up to celebrate the Vienna exhibition. I had little sandwiches and rolls filled with wonderful fillingsand also had brioche for the first time. It was a bit of fun. I looked around exhibits of landscape photography and men’s clothing design through the ages, furniture and glass, modern art and indigenous art. I then went for rich hot chocolate and scones, jam and cream before looking around Colonial art on paper exhibition with mostly prints but lots of information about the founding of australian civilization and the collecting of animals and plants to send back to england. Most interesting. Browsed the book shop. Went to members lounge and had a couple of cups of coffee and chatted to the volunteers about knitting as they commented on my home made twin set. Morat came to collect me and drove me home along beach road which is very scenic in spots. Rang mum a couple of times at the gallery to chat about my experiences and when I got home. Went down the local shops to do banking and to get some oddments. Had a snack dinner and went to Florence’s where we did Bahai study on suffering and evil. We also decided to do a Caroline Myss book next which I am really excited about as I have read it before and would like to read it through with another person. Came home to watch X factor which I am really enjoying. Sorry so long. An exciting day.

Lots of love from susan

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ceilings, flowers, hugs and the universe

7th September 2011...this morning a new helper came, Sean who cleaned my windows. He will also do some of my gardening for me. went out with mum for lunch to the local RSL. I had a delicious spaghetti with salami, spinach and tomato sauce. I had apple crumble, custard and cream for dessert. Drove mum back home and stayed for coffee and did some journaling in my memoirs. Came home and Earl the handyman was finishing off the ceiling of my garage. I gave him some flowers for Earl to take home to his wife. Did some journaling in a new book about living with the spirit.Didn’t go on a walk today as my knee playing up since doing my yoga on Monday. Had a snack tea and went to care group where we had a DVD on the universe which was awesome. Lynne who’s husband died of cancer was there and she gave us all hugs. She can’t stand hugs but she was needing to get some. She looked well and is coping well.

Dawn and the universe

Although I am surrounded by houses I watched the dawn come and the sky brighten. Saw a DVD last night about our awesome universe and how vast it is an all the amazing formations that are in it that we know of so far. Do you ever watch the dawn?
lots of love from susan in Australia

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


As many of you will know traveling to new places is very challenging for me as I get overwhelmed with all the new things and the logistics. i have longed to go to the bayside suburb of williamstown near Melbourne. it is an old town by Australian standards with buildings from the 1800s. My friend drove me and drove me around the streets and we had lunch, looked at the shops and went to the Botanic gardens there. i had a super time and it so sparks my creativity with photography and writing and art work. i am so thrilled I have finally been . it has been an aim for years. i always thought I could do the drive but not yet. i managed so well.
lots of love from susan in Australia

Energy healings

Now to many of you this is going to seem as strange as I find it. As part of my spirituality and weight course I am doing I have 4 healings which involve working with my energy fields. I thought it was all a bit beyond me but since my healing I have had huge changes in my moods and sleeping. It is all new to me at the moment so don't know if it will continue. has anyone else here had an energy healing?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

CCS Challenge

4th September 2011.. I watched a video on walking meditation which suggested posing a question to take on the walk and to note down what conclusions come from it at the end of the walk. I sometimes do this on my walks. I did this today and the question was what to do with the CCS 30 day challenge. Rather than listing most of my creating for the day I will pick one thing and share that here and journal about it. Today was the walking meditation. Do you do walking meditations and do you let go of thoughts or pose questions?
lots of love from susan in Australia

Saturday, September 3, 2011

CCS Challenge

3rd September 2011..
*watched videos on dream/vision boards
*started my own vision board for this month
*went to supermarket with nothing to buy to have a quiet browse around to see new products and to take my time which I don't have when i usually grocery shop. found some new products.
*watched creativity videos on mandelas and photography for inspiration
*finished knitting and sewing up my sister in law's jacket. This is a great achievement. i rang her to say it was finished
*read some of book on awareness to help with creativity
*knitted red jumper
*read oracles which help give me direction in my life and work and creativity
*journaled about my weight issue to gain insight in how I am going
That's it for today. watched VIdeos and TV to relax and take some time out
lots of love from susan in Australia

Friday, September 2, 2011

CCS Challenge..2nd sept 2011

Sept. 2nd 2011...zippy...yesterday I went to a large garden centre and just browsed around getting ideas for my garden. I have always bought things so this was a nice freeing change. The highlights were a wonderful orchid exhibit and cacti exhibit and water features.
I had lunch and learnt how to make sweet potato crisps using a vegetable peeler and baking them in oil. delicious.
I borrowed a book of 365 days of inspiration by wayne dyer and got some great ideas for creative inspiration including being inspired by the divine, doing meditation, being out in nature.
Watched part of a course on dream / vision boards and will do some work on them tomorrow
lots of love from susan in Australia

CCS Challenge

1st sept...got up at 5am to begin my day but ended up back in bed most of the day unwell. while I was resting i took the opportunity to think about my next artist journal pages and pages in my altered book that I will do when I am able. I tidied up for the cleaner and sorted out future creative projects in knitting and art work. Planning and sorting are all part of the creating so i feel pleased
lots of love from susan in Australia