Saturday, September 3, 2011

CCS Challenge

3rd September 2011..
*watched videos on dream/vision boards
*started my own vision board for this month
*went to supermarket with nothing to buy to have a quiet browse around to see new products and to take my time which I don't have when i usually grocery shop. found some new products.
*watched creativity videos on mandelas and photography for inspiration
*finished knitting and sewing up my sister in law's jacket. This is a great achievement. i rang her to say it was finished
*read some of book on awareness to help with creativity
*knitted red jumper
*read oracles which help give me direction in my life and work and creativity
*journaled about my weight issue to gain insight in how I am going
That's it for today. watched VIdeos and TV to relax and take some time out
lots of love from susan in Australia

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