Saturday, September 10, 2011

Red jumper

10th September 2011... Woke at 3am to begin my day. Did my usual 100 or more emails which I enjoy each day. I love spending an hour or so on the computer before beginning my day away from the computer. Yesterday I had the computer on for 11 hours and did art and got dressed, etc in between but mostly played on the computer. Made a messy cheese omelet. I am not good at doing neat omelets. Mum does great ones. Mum and I went to Anna’s for a couple of hours and I knitted my red jumper and got the odd word in edge ways with mum doing most of the chat. Mum came back to my place for another hour and then I had a rest on the bed. Had meatballs and loads of vegies for dinner and yoghurt and kiwi fruit. Watched two episodes of Little house. Too tired to read.

lots of love from susan in Australia

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