Monday, October 19, 2015

My journals

Dear friends, It has been a long time since I have been here. No longer interested in blogging but my dear friend Jamie Ridler and others are interested in all the journals I use. I counted 23 but I think there are more.... *yearly diary keeps track of commitments for the year...a month per double page *weekly diary records the weeks commitments on a single page *daily journal records what is happening through my day *special happenings journal for things that happen in my days that are extra special like visiting a gallery, my birthday celebrations *night journal records in 2 or 3 lines what I am grateful for about my day *mood journal records my zippy / manic & quiet often down times that I want to understand or remember about my rapid cycling bipolar *spiritual director journal that records what issues I am dealing with with my spiritual director *reading journal records what I am reading. This hasn't been kept up as I read so much *movies journal records movies I see. Am now only listing special ones as I see so many *visitors journal lists visitors that come for the first or second time or a special event *anonymous friend journal is a journal for things important to my relationship with one of my friends *grief journal is for things I am grieving about. The loss of a friend *the death of my mum journal. My mum hasn't died yet but am already writing little things to help me when she dies *problems journal lists problems I have that I need to sort out and need extra attention from my daily journal *my beloved journal is a journal written to my beloved. I am single and never married but often think of my beloved and I write about things I would like to say to him if he were here *special issues journal. Every so often I have something I want to sort through that isn't a problem and I do it here *travel journal where I work out my next trips away and ideas for trips *poetry journal where I keep my poems *journal at mum's where I write inside beautifully illustrated books *eating disorder journal where I deal with my eating disorder and anxiety disorder *spiritual journal where I journal about my spiritual journey *bible studies journal where I make notes about my bible studies *hand bag journal where I write when I am out and about *online / creativity journal where I write what happens with Jamie and other online creatives and my own journey *dream journal where I write about my night dreams *home journal when I write about my home days when I don't go out and they are special days not ordinary days. I now have SUndays as a home day and write here *walk journal where I write about my walks *spirit guide journal where I write about my spiritual guides and happenings with nature, etc *seasons and the moon journal where I write about the seasonal changes and the moons travels each month *travel journal when I am away *artist journals...I have numerous artist journals and I paint, collage, draw *sketch journal with my sketching in Goodness I think that is enough. as you can see I love, love, love writing hope this inspires love from susanJOY