Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barbie show!!!!!

Dear friends,
I love Barbie and have a nice little collection of them and have one or more displayed in my home for my pleasure. I love Barbie. Recently there was a Barbie exhibition in the city and I would love to to cope with my anxiety. When I checked the web site to see what dates the exhibition was on there was only that day and it was going to close. What could I do. I had a busy day planned but my inner child kept saying...take me, take me to the Barbie show. So I did it. Felt the fear and did it anyway. I read on the train and took photos out the window to distract my anxieties. I had ticket problems and finding the place problems but I did it!!!! I got there and saw hundreds of Barbies. I didn't stay long as crowds add to my anxiety but I bought a few trinkets and headed home. I was so pleased with myself. Well done Suse. Well done.
lots of love from susan in australia

Friday, August 14, 2009


dear friends, Since last month I have a new gardener and had my first house cleaners. Yesterday i organised a nice new private lady to come and clean. So definite progress from last month. I am still only able to go away for overnight stays but am trying to think of strategies for how to do a two night away. This will be for next year sometime as I have commitments for the next few months with my overnight stays.
My latest up time only lasted a day this time which is strange. normally I am on the up cycle for 9 to 15 days. I am sleeping in and not able to get up because i am flat but notice I am quite energised during the day. All very new and not the usual cycles. I am realising i need to live in the day and just take one day at a time and do what i can with each day rather than live around the cycles. It has been a huge lesson for me.
I am very blessed to be able to do what i can with my mental illness and CFS. I need to count my blessings more than at the end of the day in my journal. I was doing gratitudes on my walk and during the day during my last down time.
i am doing really well with my weight loss as well. The doctor is really pleased. i am still overweight but 12 kilos lighter than I was which i should be more pleased about. I will work on this for this coming month. To be grateful for the weight loss i have achieved. The doctor said as long as i stay stable that is an achievement and this morning I have done way better than that. I am pleased. Now I just need to stay abstinent for the month.
lots of love from susan in australia