Saturday, January 9, 2016

Beach visits

Dear friends, I am back visiting the beach for my walks. I am also having time to sit and reflect, take in the view and journal. Also taking photos like this one. it is such a joy for me to be back down the beach lots of love from susanJOY

Monday, October 19, 2015

My journals

Dear friends, It has been a long time since I have been here. No longer interested in blogging but my dear friend Jamie Ridler and others are interested in all the journals I use. I counted 23 but I think there are more.... *yearly diary keeps track of commitments for the year...a month per double page *weekly diary records the weeks commitments on a single page *daily journal records what is happening through my day *special happenings journal for things that happen in my days that are extra special like visiting a gallery, my birthday celebrations *night journal records in 2 or 3 lines what I am grateful for about my day *mood journal records my zippy / manic & quiet often down times that I want to understand or remember about my rapid cycling bipolar *spiritual director journal that records what issues I am dealing with with my spiritual director *reading journal records what I am reading. This hasn't been kept up as I read so much *movies journal records movies I see. Am now only listing special ones as I see so many *visitors journal lists visitors that come for the first or second time or a special event *anonymous friend journal is a journal for things important to my relationship with one of my friends *grief journal is for things I am grieving about. The loss of a friend *the death of my mum journal. My mum hasn't died yet but am already writing little things to help me when she dies *problems journal lists problems I have that I need to sort out and need extra attention from my daily journal *my beloved journal is a journal written to my beloved. I am single and never married but often think of my beloved and I write about things I would like to say to him if he were here *special issues journal. Every so often I have something I want to sort through that isn't a problem and I do it here *travel journal where I work out my next trips away and ideas for trips *poetry journal where I keep my poems *journal at mum's where I write inside beautifully illustrated books *eating disorder journal where I deal with my eating disorder and anxiety disorder *spiritual journal where I journal about my spiritual journey *bible studies journal where I make notes about my bible studies *hand bag journal where I write when I am out and about *online / creativity journal where I write what happens with Jamie and other online creatives and my own journey *dream journal where I write about my night dreams *home journal when I write about my home days when I don't go out and they are special days not ordinary days. I now have SUndays as a home day and write here *walk journal where I write about my walks *spirit guide journal where I write about my spiritual guides and happenings with nature, etc *seasons and the moon journal where I write about the seasonal changes and the moons travels each month *travel journal when I am away *artist journals...I have numerous artist journals and I paint, collage, draw *sketch journal with my sketching in Goodness I think that is enough. as you can see I love, love, love writing hope this inspires love from susanJOY

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear anonymous

Dear anonymous, I've lost direction with what to do with my blog and would not be here if it wasn't for you. I love our contact so here I am. I am so glad you have a loving and healthy family. My major news is I met up with an old high school friend I remet on facebook. we lost contact 30 years ago and got back in touch thanks to her. funny though as she sent me a message 2 years ago and I didn't know how to use facebook properly so the message just sat there unread until a few weeks ago. when we got together it was fantastic and we talked for 3 hours. she made me feel so good about my life and my journey and she has done really well also. lots of love from susanJOY

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear anonymous

Dear anonymous, Was going to stop doing my blog here but am inspired by your continued presence. so here goes. from now on I will just communicate with you with my "Dear anonymous" posts. I am in the up cycle of my rapid cycling bipolar so this seems a great idea but will see when I go quiet again. I never like to leave things unsaid so I wanted to say how much your comments mean to me. I think of lots of famous people with their thousands and millions of fans and I am blessed with one fan and one is really special. People are special we are all special. you are special. do you just have one grand child? how many children do you have? Christmas was great with family the week before and then with just my mum on christmas day. In the future may be posting to you all alone on christmas day. have done that before and it is OK. Anyway, thanks so much for posting. glad you are paying it forward. Hoping you will continue to comment here. God bless you lots of love from susanJOY

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pay it forward 2013

Dear friends, Pay it Forward 2013- The first FIVE people who respond to this post will become the recipients of something nice from me in the new year! Store bought, handmade, who knows!! :) In addition, each of you five (by responding to this post) will be agreeing to do something nice (and random) for five OTHER people at some point this year. You have a full year to make your choices and gifts, as do I. Happy New Year!Just add your address in the comments lots of love from susanJOY

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Overnight stay at Brighton savoy

Dear friends, as I can’t travel far I went and stayed at a local motel 25 minutes away. I went shopping and visited the local library and got a book out on Paris where I was when I was 20. In my room I journaled, read, did cryptics, knitted, reflected, sketched and had a spa bath before bed. went shopping and bought charms for a necklace for my birthday and some pens at a shop that had a wonderful shop keeper in. we chatted for ages. we are both unwell women and exchanged notes about living with chronic illness. A friend came and we went to restaurant for dinner in the motel.Had skewered prawns and salad and Tasmanian salmon and potato latkes and meringue, berry and cream dessert. I had a wonderful time. The room overlooked the sea and had a wonderful panorama. Saw lots of birds and the city lights. Watched the dawn come up while I knitted dish cloths for summer!!! my knitting is a whole other story. It was fantastic stay. lots of love from susan JOY

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plans vs going with the flow

Dear friend, I think I am in my next zippy phase which is usually why I come and blog. Quiet isn't into blogging. anyway I had plans to go to the Langham overnight but now it is time to plan to go I don't want to. haven't figured out why. I find I want to go with the flow in other directions maybe to the Savoy in Brighton. question is should I follow plans or go with the flow. i seem to go with the flow more. makes more sense to me. do you go with plans or go with the flow? lots of love from susan JOY