Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tic toc time

Dear friends,
When i am in quiet time with rapid cycling bipolar I occasionally experience what I call tic toc time where time goes really slowly and life seems arduous and boring and I don't want to do anything and life seems colorless and flat. It is all part of the depressed times of my cycling. I have been trying to think of ways to cope with it and have major successes. I make myself see my friends and have company, I go on my daily walk, I keep well groomed and the house in order. I have now come up with an idea where I have a deck of cards with suggestions of what to go to cafe for coffee, go and do some photography, flip through magazines and i also have a list of 20 items at my mums where I often have trouble. Next time I have tic toc time I will draw out a card or get mum to select a number and I will do that task for up to an hour and see how that changes things. Wish me luck.
lots of love from susan in australia

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Latest zippy

Dear friends,
today I got a comment from a dear friend Margie asking how I was as I hadn't posted in a while. I've just been through another three weeks of quiet time where I rarely blog. My zippy, manic self does the blogging when I get up at 3.30 am and begin my day.
The photo is of the beach where I go walking. I haven't been walking much in ages. I used to walk an hour a day but now out of the habit. we have been getting blessed rain here on lots of days. Hasn't been like that for over 10 years!!!
My best friend has been down from Queensland and was planning on living here but has decided to go back. I have been experiencing grief at the loss of him and it has been a painful time. I am used to grief with death but not when someone is still alive. Loss causes grief often. it has been a learning experience for me. The grief is softening.
Haven't posted any art for weeks either so am doing a collage to post....I hope.
Meanwhile thanks to Margie for missing me. Missed you too.
lots of love from susan in australia