Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Dear friend,
Awake at 3am this morning and decided to get up and begin my day. My healthy living is in it's 8th week and I am off to the doctor for a check in. I have lost another couple of kilo so I am pleased. The daily routine is fabulous and I am not having sugar cravings now I have stopped eating sugar most days.
I am looking forward to going to the Japanese Mountain Retreat. This is my first big, big, big adventure just overnight into the hills. I also went to the travel agent to see how much it costs to go to Japan. Just wanting to know how much I need to have saved. I need a few more thousand so I have plenty of time to save up. I am going to start surfing the net looking at Japanese bed and breakfasts. Some how I have to find one that is close to a city with an airport and that is near a shrine and a few interesting places in walking distance. I want to make it as simple as possible.
Never imagined I'd be going to Japan before NY but the journey to NY is going to be a long one. I just found out an internet friend lives 40 minutes from NY so I have another friend there. I am so excited.
I have put up lots of inspiration on my visualisation board about Japan and my other travels. I have made some huge steps in the past few days.
I can feel it becoming more real. I priced a first class ticket to Japan and it is doable. I am thrilled. I am so, so thrilled.
Lots of love from susan in australia