Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Overnight stay at Brighton savoy

Dear friends, as I can’t travel far I went and stayed at a local motel 25 minutes away. I went shopping and visited the local library and got a book out on Paris where I was when I was 20. In my room I journaled, read, did cryptics, knitted, reflected, sketched and had a spa bath before bed. went shopping and bought charms for a necklace for my birthday and some pens at a shop that had a wonderful shop keeper in. we chatted for ages. we are both unwell women and exchanged notes about living with chronic illness. A friend came and we went to restaurant for dinner in the motel.Had skewered prawns and salad and Tasmanian salmon and potato latkes and meringue, berry and cream dessert. I had a wonderful time. The room overlooked the sea and had a wonderful panorama. Saw lots of birds and the city lights. Watched the dawn come up while I knitted dish cloths for summer!!! my knitting is a whole other story. It was fantastic stay. lots of love from susan JOY

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plans vs going with the flow

Dear friend, I think I am in my next zippy phase which is usually why I come and blog. Quiet isn't into blogging. anyway I had plans to go to the Langham overnight but now it is time to plan to go I don't want to. haven't figured out why. I find I want to go with the flow in other directions maybe to the Savoy in Brighton. question is should I follow plans or go with the flow. i seem to go with the flow more. makes more sense to me. do you go with plans or go with the flow? lots of love from susan JOY

Monday, September 3, 2012


Dear friends, was going to share my cooking journey online but am doing it on the CCS (coachcreativesite) and in my own notebook so that is enough. did a lot this zippy time. had two chauffeur drives in one to the National gallery / international section to see Napoleon which was awesome and then to the museum in Carlton to see Mesopotamia which was wonderful with all its cuneiform tablets. loving writing the way i do it was wonderful. also visited section with australian bush and saw a blue wren and the famous bower bird that collects blue things like I do. my home used to be called "The bower". went to australian garden area and saw plants used for healing, craft etc. there was noone there and it was so special. the chauffeur was so friendly and chatty. still no yoga and aiming to get a new teacher next week having given my old teacher a few weeks to contact me. Was planning a jet ride like on Bold and beautiful but will prefer a small plane ride where I can see out the front. planned for next year. all in all a great zippy this time with lots of notes and phone calls to attend to. Doing my own weeding at the moment and discovered a little tulip and other things growing. glad to be doing it in the spring weather. need a kneeler though and going to Gardenworld today. lots of love from susanJOY