Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Overnight stay at Brighton savoy

Dear friends, as I can’t travel far I went and stayed at a local motel 25 minutes away. I went shopping and visited the local library and got a book out on Paris where I was when I was 20. In my room I journaled, read, did cryptics, knitted, reflected, sketched and had a spa bath before bed. went shopping and bought charms for a necklace for my birthday and some pens at a shop that had a wonderful shop keeper in. we chatted for ages. we are both unwell women and exchanged notes about living with chronic illness. A friend came and we went to restaurant for dinner in the motel.Had skewered prawns and salad and Tasmanian salmon and potato latkes and meringue, berry and cream dessert. I had a wonderful time. The room overlooked the sea and had a wonderful panorama. Saw lots of birds and the city lights. Watched the dawn come up while I knitted dish cloths for summer!!! my knitting is a whole other story. It was fantastic stay. lots of love from susan JOY

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Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I like your story today. I would never think of such a good little break and change of scenery. The knitted dishcloths sound cute - are they practical though? Can you use them or are they just for show?
love from your friend