Thursday, September 15, 2011

Knitting squares

Went for walk yesterday and went for about 40 minutes which is really great for me. Had nutella on a slice of toast. I went to see anna and it was still cool enough to need the heater. I knitted some more squares for a rug for the fistula hospital. I am coming down the home stretch and only need to do about 10 more squares and then sew it up. I am doing another rug which needs a few more squares added to it. I have done the squares but need to sew them on to the rug. I use the rug when I am watching TV. After dinner of meatballs and loads of different vegies including turnip, mushroom, pepper, asparagus, beetroot. beetroot was really successful. Had pine nuts and almonds and a bit of yoghurt. went to a healing which went really well. I had a new lady Jane and we get on great and made huge progress. Came home and watched Home and away and X factor, two favourite shows. Read a book from the library before sleep. Needing to be regimented about my food as have put on a little weight. Treats once a week now and one candy at CAre group and 30-40 minute walk and 4 minutes biking with teeth brushing
lots of love from susan in australia

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