Sunday, September 11, 2011

garage view

Got up at 9 am today as I was tired from my 3 am start the day before. Spent a few hours on the computer doing emailing and my courses. Cleared my library all ready for my new chairs on Friday. Put the deck chair in the garage facing outwards so when the door is open I can sit looking out over the garden. It is a treat. Had mum's tuna casserole for lunch. went to a market but it wasn't on so I went grocery shopping today and got triple points on my rewards card which earns me money. Couldn't walk far because my knees aren't good. always something wrong body wise it seems. went to the library and came home and read in the sun. Did my finances and found out my pension has been reduced so will need to inquire as to why as I had no letter advising me and they always do when it increases which it has for 14 years. all quite strange. went to mums and we had baked beans and toast and i had kiwi fruit. came home at 9 pm as I wanted to read which is hard at mums as she loves talking. The water feature is lovely at night. it has a light that shines on the ceiling and it is beautiful and moving.
lots of love from susan in australia

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