Friday, September 16, 2011


Up early yesterday so after emailing and doing some art I went to garden place and bought a purple daisy for the garden table. I had some tulips on the table and it was nice to look at so have replaced them with daisies. I tried buying some takeaway lunch but it was super expensive so I came home and had creamed corn. My new chairs have arrived and are in lovely soft mauve velvety material and a squared off design. They are perfect and I am so pleased. The guys didn’t unpack them but I was OK to do it but didn’t put the packing material in the bin in case it gets stuck so will put out with hard rubbish later in year. Went and saw baby Ethan who gave me lots of cuddles and we played together. I am not a child person but I love Ethan so much he is wonderful. Jill and I chatted as well. Skipped doing a walk as feeling rather tired so rested in front of TV. Went to mums and had pork chops in orange juice and vegies. Very nice. Only stayed until 9 pm as tired so came home and went straight to bed.
lots of love from susan in Australia

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