Thursday, September 8, 2011

National Gallery and more

The chauffeur Morat came and drove me to the National gallery of Victoria. We had a great time chatting all the way. The last time I went with him I sat in the back as I thought I would get over tired talking but I don’t usually now as I am getting used to it. Went to a Viennese cafĂ© set up to celebrate the Vienna exhibition. I had little sandwiches and rolls filled with wonderful fillingsand also had brioche for the first time. It was a bit of fun. I looked around exhibits of landscape photography and men’s clothing design through the ages, furniture and glass, modern art and indigenous art. I then went for rich hot chocolate and scones, jam and cream before looking around Colonial art on paper exhibition with mostly prints but lots of information about the founding of australian civilization and the collecting of animals and plants to send back to england. Most interesting. Browsed the book shop. Went to members lounge and had a couple of cups of coffee and chatted to the volunteers about knitting as they commented on my home made twin set. Morat came to collect me and drove me home along beach road which is very scenic in spots. Rang mum a couple of times at the gallery to chat about my experiences and when I got home. Went down the local shops to do banking and to get some oddments. Had a snack dinner and went to Florence’s where we did Bahai study on suffering and evil. We also decided to do a Caroline Myss book next which I am really excited about as I have read it before and would like to read it through with another person. Came home to watch X factor which I am really enjoying. Sorry so long. An exciting day.

Lots of love from susan

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