Monday, September 12, 2011

day off

12th september 2011.. Was up early which I really enjoy and see the dawn arriving. Had egg and bacon on toast. I've been freezing the bacon and it defrosts fast like the cheese does. Yoga was cancelled as louise has the flu. I shopped on Sunday so I had the day free which was a nice change. After emailing watched DVD recordings. Had to have a little snooze as up so early. Had cheese on toast and biscuits. I went to collect Sunday paper and then walked into Mentone, a nearby town to drop off a memory card to get some photos done. I still can’t walk far and my hips were a problem as well as my knees and shoulders. Can’t believe I am only 55 and such troubles. Things could be way worse though so I am grateful. Sorted out a huge pile of papers and made some phone calls. Went to mums for dinner and the evening and came home to watched Australia story at my place as mum wanted to watch Q & A I wasn’t interested in. Watched X factor and really enjoying. Too tired to read
lots of love from susan in australia

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