Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Up really early and did emailing and online courses and art. Had another morning snooze after phoning Thalia to see what we will do this afternoon. After waking rang mum to check on her day so far and then headed to shops for a salad roll for lunch. Went to cake shop near Thalias for a lemon swiss roll and some neenish tarts for mum. Had a nice visit with Thalia on her deck in the sun and we discussed two retarded pigeons who kept dumping sticks on Thalias deck and not making a nest with them but trying to unsuccessfully. Had my roll and two cups of drip coffee and discussed how far we have both come with our life journeys and recovery from illness. Came home and sorted out mastercard and now getting an american express card that earns triple points. all supposedly free. A bit of fun. getting $150 David Jones card and will get some sheets for that. Went for walk and found some white orchids in garden and a protea that has beautiful patterns. brought it home to continue to appreciate. Went to bible studies and studied proverbs and home for more TV. Jenny and Grant are away in France.
lots of love from susan in Australia

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