Thursday, October 2, 2008

Money and mental illness

I am picking up my new cherry red Toyota Corolla hatchback today. I'll then take my friend for a spin down the beach. I am so, so glad to be getting it as i never imagined I could afford it being on a pension. It is a real challenge going from a full paying job onto a pension. When I was really sick I didn't manage my money well and often thought I was a lot wealthier than i was and would buy foolish things. I am so glad that I haven't been as mentally ill as some people. i have never got myself into serious trouble with money and have always met my financial commitments and paid my bills on time. I think my guardian angel must have been looking after me all these years.
Do you have financial problems? I'll put you in my prayers for some resolutions to them if you do.
lots of love from susan in australai

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Susan Hosken said...

on my pension I can afford a chauffeur!!! gardener, cleaner, masseuse, spiritual director, life coach...lucky lucky me