Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My dad

I went to my counsellor yesterday and we talked about my dad. It was really great to be able to finally accept that he is at peace. He died 18 years ago and I have always regretted not being able to know him since I have been well on my medication. He has only ever known me as very, very mentally ill. I believe people are in our lives to learn various lessons and I finally accept that dad and I shared our lessons. He didn't need to stick around for my getting well. I can now look at the picture of him beside my bed and be at peace about our relationship. I finally have no regrets.
Do you have anyone that has died where you still have regrets?
Lots of love from susan in australia


Susan Hosken said...

Dad's helicopter flew over today while Vas was doing my ironing . how kind of her

Susan Hosken said...

I visited my dad's grave yesterday with the chauffeur Enver. He would have been tickled by that. I am glad now I waited 21 years for that.