Saturday, October 11, 2008

My home and mental illness

When I became really ill with mental illness i realised i could no longer look after my large house and garden and decided to move into a smaller unit (house) in a suburb near the beach. It only has a small garden to look after. I am sad about leaving my old garden as it was large and rambling and all the windows of the house looked out onto it. Life is much more manageable here where i am though. I live closer to my mum and to friends which is good.
Have you had to move because of illness?
lots of love from susan in australia

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Anonymous said...

Now that I know you're blogging again I can comment again!

Yes, I've had to move due to illness and in the longer term it's been positive. The first move was from my mother's house and I discovered that I was well enough to look after myself. Unfortunately, after a few years, that place didn't work out so I moved again. Where I'm living now has a smaller garden but it's got more flowers and it isn't shared, my neighbours are nicer and I'm happier.

I understand why you'd miss a big rambling garden, especially when I dwell on the loveliness of big gardens. Small intimate gardens have a bit going for them too.