Sunday, October 26, 2008

Healing with the moon

Dear friend,
I am a great believer in astrology and love the transit of the moon. I have read a lot about the healing nature of the moon and am trying to get myself into the practice of celebrating the new moon and the full moon. I have an oil burner and candles and flowers on an altar to celebrate. I have a book of celebration ceremonies.
Each day I hope to notice the star sign the moon is in and do some healing and celebrating of that sign.
Today is Capricorn. Hard working, ambitious, responsible, serious, respectful, committed, controlling, dutiful, tough and lusty. Capricorn is my ascendant and present in me a lot.
I am doing a felted piece of artwork for each star sign and work on them when i am in the mood.
Do you celebrate the lunar cycle?
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

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Susan Hosken said...

It is the full moon tonight. Mum puts her rock out

lots of love from susan in Australia