Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In a slump

I am in a low time again. It happens month in and month out. A few up and zippy days and then days of low energy and feeling despondent. My mind goes slowly and I don't feel inspired to do things. I get concerned about the things i have planned on my zippy time. i try to be gentle in my quiet times. I try to be positive. I still do my emails and keep up my visiting and activities so i am not so bad. I'm not depressed like I used to be years ago. That was really hell.
Do you have mood changes?
lots of love from susan in australia


Margie said...

Yes, I do battle my moods. Sometimes I get lots of creative work done very quickly, but then avoid it for no good reason. I'll avoid doing a drawing, and let guilt nag me, and then push through late into the night doing it, which messes me up for work next day. I think art and I have a "dysfunctional relationship." But sometimes when I draw, I feel utterly calm. Does knitting give you a calm feeling?

Anonymous said...

I figured that a slump was coming up soon for you. I'm glad to hear that you can deal with it as a quiet time. Hayfever's leaving me feeling a little weak at the moment so I empathize. Like you, I'm still keeping the minimum going and I'm glad that I can do that.

Mood changes follow my physical state of health around. I'm more likely to be fearful and frustrated than despondent but my moods will bounce around a bit more than they usually do.

When I'm having a slump, or relapse, I pretty much stop playing or listening to music. It takes too much strength to play and I find listening to music overstimulating. At the time I don't miss it which surprised me at first.