Thursday, October 16, 2008

New camera

I bought a new camera when I was in my last zippy up and had great ideas of places to go to take photos. Now I'm in my low time i don't know why I have got it. I've just charged the battery and haven't a clue how to use it. The guide book is huge. Will I wait to see my friend to help or do it on my own. I doubt I can follow instructions now as i am so low in energy. I'd love to have one of those blogs full of lovely photos. I would if I had the energy. There was zippy time last year when I did daily blogging and added photos. I hope when I am in my next up that i can tell you i am taking photos.
Do you have a digital camera?
lots of love from susan in australia
PS Sorry I'm in such a mope

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful Susan, soon you'll be posting photos of your garden, your new car and everything else you can poke a lens at.

Digital cameras take a little time to work out but most of the time you just need to know how to adjust the zoom and take the shot. Start modestly and work out the rest of the settings when you're more confident.

The best bit is that you can take 100 photos, show the best 5 and look like a genius.

Don't stress about the length of the manual. To start, all you need to know is how to get the batteries in, turn the camera on, adjust the zoom and take the photo.