Monday, July 16, 2007

Talking too much

Dear friend,
I went to a new age discussion last night in a small group. The leader was excellent with a lot to say. Problem is very few of the others said anything except me. I talked too much. I love participating in small group discussions but why is it that many people just sit and listen. What happens if everyone sits and listens...there is no discussion just a leader doing all the talking. I understand a lot of people are shy. Last night I should have shut up more. They are having the group again but I won't go as I'd like to hear from others rather than just the leader and I doing all the talking.
Are you a shy person or do you do a lot of talking?
Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS Sleeping problem - woke at 4 and 6am and got up with alarm at 8 am but tired feeling. I hope I can keep it up.

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Susan Hosken said...

I try to listen more in groups and moderate my zippy feelings and also try to talk more in quiet time
lots of love from susan in australia