Monday, July 2, 2007


Dear friend,
I'm still in my wake at 6 mode but stayed in bed until 8. I'm still not sure whether to aim at 8 hours or to get up when I am awake. Any advice?
I have a bad cold and I was raised with a mum who did lots of nice things when you are sick. Yesterday I settled into the midday movie, had a lovely afternoon tea using honey and sesame seeds and carrots. I cooked a yummo steamed fish and vegetables. Generally had a relaxing, play day at home. I'm planning the same today along with a short walk.
How do you treat yourself when you are sick with flu or cold?
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


MEtoo said...

I do pretty much the same thing, lots of hot warming drinks and bedrest, because nothing else works!
Hope the lurgy leaves you soon

Susan Hosken said...

I still need to be kinder to myself regarding my mental illness and forgive myself when I need to rest
lots of love from susan in australia