Saturday, July 14, 2007


Dear friend,
Having written about habits and routines I feel it's important to have creative times as well. When I came out of hospital and onto new medication for my mental illness my creativity disappeared except in my writing. I couldn't garden, cook or do any of my art or craft work. It was devestating. It has slowly come back and I have relearnt many activities that I now enjoy with abandon. I try and balance my routines. socialising, going out and about with my creative pursuits. Anyone with CFS will tell you how challenging it is to get the balance of energy output right but I think balancing activities is a challenge for everyone.
What are you creative with? Have you ever lost your creativity?
Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS Couldn't get up at 6am when I woke. I was quite tired and disorientated and finally got up at 8.30. I was really anxious because it reminded me of my old sleeping habits

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Susan Hosken said...

I am doing a course to see if I can see where my creativity is in my quiet times. i have explored this before but want to go deeper.
lots of love from susan in australia