Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life's challenge

Dear friend,
I really like to believe that when people meet me they are touched by my kindness and sincerity.
I work hard at life and although I live a very privileged life in relation to people of the world I find life very challenging. When I was very sick with bipolar mostly I wished I was dead. I found most of of life quite intolerabe - it seemed such a struggle with the way my mind worked and I didn't understand people or life.
Nowadays I understand the adventure of life and the challenge of it. I have created a very pleasant and enjoyable life for myself and haven't suffered deep depression for quite some years now.
The hardest thing about mental illness is trying to use a brain that isn't working properly to do things. I am learning lots of detours.
Do you find life a challenge? Do you find life easy? Do you love life?
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

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Soroya said...

Life easy "Heck no" but although life is hard at times we always have the opportunity to find the beauty in our surroundings. I have found that the most beautiful and breathtaking things are often found in the most obscure and difficult places. Take the wild flowers some of them are sooo awe inspiring almost impossible to believe that such a thing exists and most often found in the hardest or yukkiest places. Like the cracks in the side walk or along a bramble laden forest or a road side with garbage next to it. I have some hard sad horrendous stories from my life experiences but I have chosen that I will use them as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks hope you will too. Love and prayers, Warroya aka Soroya