Sunday, July 8, 2007


Dear friend,
Day 12 of getting up early. Slept 8 hours today which is terrific. It's still early days.
I don't make promises to myself about anything because I hate breaking promises. I get really disappointed with other people who promise to do something and don't. I make goals and intentions in my life but never promises.
I wonder who disappointed me in the past to make me so extreme about it.
Do you make promises to yourself and / or others? Do you fulfill them or do you disappoint?
PS I'm off shopping with my mum today. I've been enjoying these new shopping outings and I'm getting better at negotiating all the different stimuli. I have to be careful with my spending because I can over buy.

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Soroya said...

HI Susan,
Me again I try not to make promises especially since the word says "it's better not to make a promise than to make one and not keep it" I am like you however in that I make goals and when I have a good intention to do something nice for someone else or even myself I try to keep it to myself until I see that it will become a reality and not just an empty promise. I am not always reliable as you posted your in your last question but I do strive to be. I have learned to forgive myself more when I fail and humble myself and ask for forgiveness when the unreliable actions are geared towards someone else.
Love ya, Warroya