Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chaos and sequencing

Dear friend,
Yesterdays entry has gone missing!
I'm not sure if sequencing is a problem with other people with bipolar but it is with me.
As I often have so many thoughts in my head it is difficult to put them in order. This is the case with activities. If I have to do something that requires making order out of chaos I find it extremely difficult. If I have to do the washing it is quite straightforward taking things out of laundry basket into the machine but taking them out I have to hang things in a specific order on the line otherwise I get confused. Dishes are extemely difficult as they are all over the place and I can't figure out the order to wash them in. When I dry them and I see the huge pile and I have to concentrate carefully on taking one item at a time to dry. I can drive known places easily, vacuuming is hard because I can't figure out where I've vacuumed and where I haven't and I have to try and be very systematic.
Do you have problems sequencing? What activities are hard...and easy?
Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS I have been getting up before the alarm for over a fortnight now. Awesome change.

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Soroya said...

HI Susan,
I love your blog.
I have never really thought about sequencing until I read your entry. I do get very agitated at times with disorder and caos and struggle to maintain order. Although I am by no means a super orderly person. I find that I dont give myself permission to be creative if the everyday stuff like dishes or laundry or a clean toilet are on my to do list. Thanks for the incite I'm praying for you, Soroya