Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overnight stay

Been away overnight at a motel with my mum. We had a great time and stayed in a motel in the town where my brother lives so we visited him for tea and watched TV. I find going away overnight very challenging with my chronic fatigue syndrome and my mental illness as I get very fatigued and overwhelmed by the new places. I had to lie down in the afternoon after a luncheon my mum and i went to. I also had to rest in bed in the morning. I still had a good time and I am glad we went. It is 35 degrees centigrade which is hot.
lots of love from susan in australia

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Anonymous said...

It is hot today Susan!

I agree with staying somewhere overnight being tiring, there's the travel and the unfamiliar environment. I have terrible trouble sleeping in beds that are anything more than a tiny bit different to mine.

Of course it's all worth it in the end for a change in scenery and to get away from it all. Well, most of the time anyway.