Thursday, December 9, 2010


Dear friends,
Started reading simple abundance with a couple of friends and thought I would blog about it as well.
Today is about gifts for Christmas. I give mostly money for Christmas as i am not good buying presents. I have two friends who like presents but the rest of my friends and I have decided no presents. I love the gifts of the spirit. I love kindness and love and caring. I love the spirit of Christmas and enjoy it each year.
Today's iching...48..the well...I draw from the energy of the divine. I constantly try to commune with where the divine god wants me to go. SOmetimes i get lost like a few days ago but mostly I go with the flow.
Got some great cleaning up done in the garage and discovered wonderful cloud calendar which is now up along with others in the bathroom. Cleared all around the ironing board and threw out an old desk lamp that was useful to nobody. It is amazing the junk I have i never knew about.
lots of love from susan in australia

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Susan Hosken said...

clearing charity folder and found going on disability and leaving work folder. still things here that are buried