Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New adventure begins

Dear friends,
I was thinking yesterday I need to go on some sort of adventure with my life the way people have babies, get married, travel far...something major....but what does someone do with a simple life where babies, marriage, traveling far aren't possible. I was sweeping a small corner of my rather untidy garage yesterday and today I was thinking what if I cleaned out my whole place. I remember how extraordinary it was to move house and clear out so many of my things and to start afresh. I can literally do that without moving. One of my online friends has minimalised his life and in my way I want to clean up my life in every corner!!!!......there is no rush with this. I will continue where I began with the garage corner which means all my photos are next. How does one sort out photos????????? I think it is time for an email to my minimalist friend
lots of love from susan in australia

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Wendy said...

Hi Susan,

How wonderfully exciting that you are seeking a new adventure...and that you are able and willing to find one right where you are. You are always so motivational...the way you look at life is a true delight! Bon Voyage!!