Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simple abundance...Dec 20th...Pollyanna game

Dear friends,
Todays simple abundance is about Pollyanna's glad game. With my mental illness in the past 8 years I have practiced a lot of being grateful and glad for the positives in my life and to try as best I can to deal with the negatives and my down times. I have suffered much depression in the past and found it difficult to find the gladness. Are you a glad person? Do you look for gladness amidst the difficulties of life?
I ching for today...Hexagram 57..the cauldron...what am I beginning? Clearing out my life and possessions and keeping only what serves my journey ahead.
lots of love from susan in australia

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I Write said...

Wow, I've just read several of your posts on gratitude - it was so refreshing to see some of the things you identified in the posts that I haven't ever stopped to think I'm grateful for, like glass! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.