Friday, December 25, 2009

Youth at the church

Dear friends, I got a prompt from God this morning about working and doing service for the youth of the church. I could go to the youth service on Sunday nights. I have emailed one of the leaders of the church to ask for their guidance. I am excited at new prospects. I don't have experience with youth....does that matter. I have been looking at ways to do service at the church......seems an interesting direction. I saw a lot of the youth at the youth service. I will keep you posted.
Meanwhile my little bit of art each day in my artist journal is going well. I think I am in an echo of a zippy time. I was up early this morning and it is 2 weeks since my last 5 am start so still 2 weeks of being zippy although sleeping in. It will be interesting to see if I keep doing the artist journal in another couple of weeks.
My damaged knees from my fall at the shrine are still achy.
I have put on weight since Christmas and the fall. Not sure what the doctor will say. i will keep focused and can only be honest with what is happening. It has been nice having the break from biking and walks although today it was nice going for a short walk.
lots of love from susan in australia


Anonymous said...

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Susan Hosken said...

I didn't do youth service that wasn't an idea that would have been right for me. i didn't go far with it. I wonder if Dear heart is a good idea