Thursday, December 31, 2009

New years Day 2010

Happy New year. Already lining up to be a good year. Woke at 6am which is always a blessing when I wake early and have a good start on the day. I spent a few hours revisiting my old diary and looking at my achievements and reading up on predictions for the new year to come. We are in Capricorn at the moment so I looked up what Capricorn is experiencing for 2010. I have a Capricorn rising. I am intending on following the signs each day and will visit a friends web site and tune in to the readings for the day. Will see how this goes. I am not making any major goals for this year except to follow the divine direction of God and to create a little in my artist journals each day. I have my other routines of beach walks and biking and yoga each day and my prayers and meditation. I will continue to see my friends and family often and I am carving out a little bit more home time including 2 days in a row when I can manage and already penned in 3-4 days at home around the new year like this year.
Today I am planning to sew a top. Let's see how I go with that goal!!!
Do you do anything special for New years day?
lots of love from susan in australia

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Susan Hosken said...

I may go to mums for New years day 2011