Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Children's books

Dear friends,
I found a copy of Jack and the beanstalk being thrown out for hard rubbish for the council collection. I haven’t read it in years.My all time favourite book is Alice in Wonderland and then the Wizard of OZ. Not having had kids I didn't experience reading lots of children's books. I have started reading fiction again and will borrow some children's books from the library when I do.......great idea Suse! What is your favourite children’s book?

Lots of love from susan in australia


Deborah R said...

I happened upon your comment about children's books - I too loved Alice in Wonderland (and recently re-read it) and Wizard of Oz. I am particularly fond of The Velveteen Rabbit. The part about him becoming real always makes me a little tender-hearted. I loved all things Dr. Seuss (still do) and my children were hooked on "Where the Wild Things Are."

Anonymous said...

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Susan Hosken said...

Dear anonymous, I have no idea how to register mail with google. Sorry I can't help.
lots of love from susan in australia