Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy returns

Dear friend,
Day one!!!!!! I finally fell asleep about 4am and woke up at 7am. I got a bit confused but told myself to go to sleep until 8.30. In the future if I have had a good sleep I will get up when I wake naturally otherwise with the alarm.
OK so I'm up having had cold water, eaten toothpaste!!!!!! as suggested by a couple of wake up early experts!!!, washed my face, changed and made a little collage, coffee and written down my dream. Had a great dream about doing some special meditation work at an ashram. It was a really positive, encouraging dream. A few days ago I was having some prophetic and very positive dreams.....I hope it is all fortuitous of my new sleep hygiene.
Silly me was wondering how I was going to come up with a nice picture everyday. I have lots of flower photos and they will do quite nicely if I haven't done a collage or other art work.
My main aim today will be surviving on only a few hours of sleep and being forced awake. At the moment I am running on enthusiastic adrenalin and am well aware there are going to be flat days where I won't even remember to do this blog.
Wish me luck and a few prayers please from you if you are prayerful.
I am so hoping that this works and I can make further positive changes to my moods. At the moment I am feeling too positive and enthusiastic. If you suffer bipolar you will understand the too positive. If not trust me we can get way off the track with our enthusiasm and with what appear like great ideas at the time. I am being very, very mindful of all of this.
The euphoria will wear off soon enough. Meanwhile I am very impressed I at least started day one with success. Well done Suse.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

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MEtoo said...

Go you.
Hope the day is still going okay