Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great progress

Great progress with my getting out and about and taking on challenges. I went away overnight with my mother for her 80th birthday. We stayed at a motel near my brother's and we had a fabulous weekend full of scenic drives, shopping, yummy meals including a high tea at a beautiful country mansion overlooking a lake. I met all the challenges of new places and unexpected happenings. Of course I was in the company of family but a few months ago I would have found the weekend away all too hard. My little outings to date have stood me in good stead.
There are plans for more overnight stays with my mother who enjoys traveling and also for me to try an overnight on my own.
All in all a great few days in my adventures.
I am also doing outings with my friends to various places to get my confidence up with dealing with various things.
I hope it is OK to say I am really proud of myself. At the beginning of this blog I could hardly manage to get to the cinema and back home.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

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Susan Hosken said...

Got a personal email from someone with mental illness. It makes this blog so worthwhile as I want to help people understand about mental illness and to share with those who live with it .
Lots of love from Susan in Australia