Friday, August 3, 2007


Dear friend,
There are times in peoples lives when there is a huge transformation from what they were to a new self. Someone might start high school, get married, have children, divorce, get cancer and transform.
I am in the midst of a transformation at the moment. Things I couldn 't do a year ago I am now doing with ease like cooking and going to the movies at a busy shopping complex.
What have been major transformations in your life? Are you in a transformation at the moment?
Enjoy the journey. Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS Up at 4am and still rather manic with lots of ideas....too many ideas to action


MILLY said...
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MILLY said...

Susan just to let you know I removed the above comment .I thought my comment I posted yesterday hadn't worked,so I did it here and then I found it it on your "a prayer of life". Sorry. Same work different place !

Susan Hosken said...

I thought I was in quiet mode but I have been creative and knitted and done art and now I am up early today. strange times indeed.
lots of love from susan in australia