Saturday, August 25, 2007

Inner child

Dear friends,
I have decided to start another blog on a "Ning" creativity group I belong to. It will be a light relief from this more serious blog. There was a request in the group for baby photos and I thought I'd add it here as well.
I've been put on more medication to see if we can smooth out my rapid cycling. I didn't want to do it and even asked my mum along to the appointment to make sure I followed orders. Many of us bipolars don't take our meds and I have a long history of non compliance.
I am finding the new creativity group I belong to delightful and very uplifting.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


Anonymous said...


You were soooo cute.


Natalie Ford said...

So cute!

Would you mind me knowing the address and reading your other blog? What is Ning?

Susan Hosken said...

i have 2 email addresses for you and didn't know which one to use so I will reply here.
Ning is a site for lots of groups about various things...see creativity group is
the blog is on there under my name as a member once you've joined or I think you can read it even if you aren't a's free.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Susan Hosken said...

It is hard reading all the posts to do with my mental illness. i am glad I have moved on to other things and a different approach
lots of love from susan in australia