Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Creative days

This little embroidery I did as a quick 10 minute embroidery. I'm going to put it on one of my windcheaters I wear around the house.
What a fabulous 10 out of 10 day I have had today and it still isn't over. I decided I could do whatever I wanted for the day except the dishes which were a must. I often have a long to do list for the day. The reason for the to do lists was that with my mental illness I'd often wake feeling very flat and not knowing what to do with my day. Over 3 years ago I was put on new medication that took away my creativity. I couldn't cook anything other than frozen meals and tinned food and simple vegie dishes, I couldn't do any art work or craft, no gardening, nothing creative. It was shocking as I have been a very creative person all my life. When I got my computer 18 months ago my creativity switched back on like an electric light. It lasted a few days and then disappeared again. Over the past months the creativity has lasted for longer and longer periods. I am now creative everyday and it is wonderful. When I lost my creativity I had to sit down and write down what I needed to do for the day. I couldn't just play my way through the day. I would sit on the couch and not understand what to do. I have tended to keep the lists going for the day. Now I am getting more confident with my new found creativity I realise I can just get up and play my way through the day. I am loving all my creative activities ...cooking, knitting, embroidering, collaging and my absolute passion my writing. Now there is something interesting I never lost my ability to write!!! It has kept me going all this time...blessed be.
Nowadays I count my blessings often...all my creativity that I have learnt can jsut disappear. I value my senses, my ability to see and hear and feel.
time to get on the exercise bike before tea. i've already done my lovely trip to the beach.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS I am going to be here a lot more in the future. My creativity has moved into another new level. I love the transformation....blessed be.
A special thanks to all those people who have encouraged me to keep this blog. I am getting so much wonderful feedback from people particularly those who have or do suffer from mental illness.

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Susan Hosken said...

I didn't realise it was when I was 50 that my creativity went into the zippy and quiet phases which have become the pattern of my life ever since.
It has taken me about 4 and a half years to get used to quiet times.
lots of love from susan in australia