Monday, August 27, 2012

Mushrooms and avocado

Dear friends, Cooked some finely chopped mushrooms in olive oil and served it with sliced cold avocado. delicious. will try again tomorrow and will add marjoram and parsley and a squeeze of lemon. I always like to try the basic ingredients on their own and then add things later. lots of love from susan JOY

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Anonymous said...

i think your blogging is very good, Susan. I'm not just saying that - you have a unique style and outlook. Have you thought of noting your blog address on the members blogs section of CCS. I'm sure DAn would help you do it if necessary. It is probably easy. I sometimes go in that section & browse through people's blogs. I'm sure some people, who might miss them otherwise, would enjoy & get comfort from your blogs.

love angiew (angela karen from ccs)

love, angie x