Monday, August 27, 2012

Good eating

Dear friends, I have been doing a discussion about my cooking on my favourite site CoachCreativeSpace. I started this blog because I had trouble traveling and wanted to get to New York. Instead I am traveling by chauffeur to different places around Melbourne. Now I am on an adventure teaching myself to cook again since losing my ability when I had a breakdown. A friend on CCS said...Susan have just looked through your thread and love your descriptions of food and cookery. You have a way of describing things which is very fresh , clear and sensual which is perfect when it comes to talking about food! Your notes are mouth watering and are making me hungry. Thank you! :-0 This has inspired me to share my journey of cooking here as well. didn't do the cooking this time but went to the National gallery of Victoria in part and to the restaurant and tried my first truffles. 56 and only just now having truffles. they were delightful. also had cherry tart for the first time served with chocolate sorbet and homemade dark chocolate and cherry jelly and little flowers. what a great meal. what is your favourite restaurant meal? I have had a few lots of love from susan JOY

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