Tuesday, March 27, 2012

7 year journal

Dear friends,
when I was a child I had little diaries with locks as presents and always tried to keep one but always thought my life wasn't interesting enough so didn't get past the first few days. I bought a children's diary at the op shop and started keeping it a year ago. now I have gotten onto my second year and have 5 more to go in it. it is such fun writing a little daily entry at bedtime and reading last year. can't wait to have 7 years of it and see all the changes. Did you ever keep a diary as a child? Have you ever kept a two year diary or a little diary with more than one year for each day?
lots of love from susan JOY

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Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I love it when I check your blog and there is another question from you with a pretty picture attached. You must be so organised with writing your diary and to use it to enable reflection is a great way to self improvement. My diary is only used for remembering meetings and tasks that must be done, not nearly as pleasant as yours. I hardly ever reflect on my life, but I would like to improve on my weaknesses. Anne of Green Gables said something like - tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it - I really like that.