Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear friends,
I have kept two blogs now for a few years...one for art work and one to chat on and ask questions like now. I love it and aren't bothered about privacy or feeling foolish. mostly it is for me but I love that others read them and comment. do you have a blog? Why or why not?
lots of love from susan JOY


Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I don't have a blog but I like reading good ones and commenting sometimes. It is nice to connect with people in this new way, there is no pressure, no need to dress up and smile, or spend money on bad meals in noisy restaurants. It feels very intimate but is so public. It's an intriguing medium really. Keep blogging Susan................

Lynda said...

I think your blogs are very important Susan and I understand why you do them too, I am just the same. I love the picture you added to this post. Do you remember the link to make these "wordy" pictures, I had it once but have lost it! Love Lynda x