Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are all alone

Dear friends, It has only taken me 56 years to realise each one of us is really alone with ourselves in navigating life. One might have a best friend, a spouse, an animal that you go to often to help you out but even then they can't help you with everything. most of my life I have looked to other people to help me not feel alone. I recently lost a couple of close friends realising they really aren't there for me all the time even though in my mind I thought they were. I am OK with all this but just find it so strange I never knew this earlier. I was thinking of doing some online dating and realised once again i was looking for a constant companion which doesn't exsist. off I go into the world realising I am alone. we are all alone on this journey. noone can know all of who we are Do you understand what I mean? lots of love from susan JOY

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Lynda said...

I do understand what you are saying Susan. Like you, it took me many years to realise it and when I did, I wondered why I hadn't realised before. On the happier side I think that once we realise we may be alone ultimately, we do really have people around us who truly love us and would be there for us right through to eternity if they could. Then we can forget the false friends or family and just be thankful for the true ones. Love Lynda x