Friday, March 16, 2012


Dear friends,
affirmations are very popular. I can't stand doing them. I don't like the repetition. do you like affirmations or not? Why or why not? do you find they work for you?

lots of love from susan JOY

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Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I think I learned to be positive long ago in defiance of my partner who was negative about everything all the time. For many years now I have looked for the positive in every situation. Every mistake is a learning opportunity, every rainy day makes the garden grow, every silly teenager will eventually grow up and learn to be responsible. I don't need to think about trying to be positive any more, I am just am.I had a box of affirmation cards once and they seemed a bit contrived, but I can see how they can be a useful tool if you need to remind yourself that things usually work out for the best in the end - even if the things that happen don't seem to have a reason at the time, they usually do............... by the way I think my partner has improved on his negative thinking too - the repetition must have paid off.......