Saturday, February 11, 2012


Dear friends,
I just had one of my rings put onto one of my bracelets and bought 2 new rings. I now wear rings on 6 of my fingers. i look like a gypsy and love it and all my rings. how many rings do you wear? do you enjoy them / it?
lots of love from susan in australia


Andy Laighleis said...

Left hand has my Irish wedding band, a hematite and a sterling silver ring inlaid with lapis turquoise. The hematite and silver ring are swapped back and forth between the left index and middle finger.

On my right hand I have two rings, one is a sterling silver signet type right with an 11th century knot work on it and the other ring is Native American design sterling silver with a large fire opal in the center. Opal is my birthstone. I use to have another sterling silver band with 9th century knot work on it, but I lost it.

The Native American ring is worn on my index finger and the signet ring is worn on my right ring finger. The other silver ring was worn on my right thumb. Some day I may have rings on all my fingers but not my toes.

Cheers Andy

Anonymous said...

Your rings sound very pretty Susan, I like to think of your fingers all sparkly when you are out and about doing your shopping. I have put most of my rings away for a while as I spend most of my days using a computer keyboard - rings can get annoying. What a good idea to put them on your bracelet.